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Mt. Washington Valley, a
stronghold for sustainable tourism
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New Hampshire
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A chamber of commerce in a region with a classic legacy of tourism, an expanding outdoor recreation community, and a region full of full-time residents to serve, all during a global pandemic. How do they identify what types of visitors they attract, and how can they make those visitors care for preserving the natural beauty and local soul of the region as much as the Chamber does?

These are some of the questions MWVCC spent 2020 answering, and with a reinvigorated sense of purpose and new ways of serving their member businesses, we partnered to update their website.

Meeting the Needs

With over 640 members, from plumbers to ski resorts, and visitors of every age and demographic, it’s a challenge to build a site that meets the needs of every group. Like all our projects, we started by asking questions. A lot of questions. Eventually we were able to build out user profiles that allowed us to imagine actual people from each of these groups, with whom we could empathize and hopefully understand.

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The new site features a comprehensive search and filter system, which assures the member businesses that anyone looking for them will be able to find them, and means locals and regular visitors to the region can get right to what they’re looking for.

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Rather than one-size-fits-all copy on static pages, the site features dynamic articles on curated experiences for every type of visitor, and a new immersive section lets users get inspired by experiencing the region in every season, using engaging, first-person visuals.

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The Possibilities,
and Responsibilities, of Life in the Valley

Finally, the site reaffirms the MWVCC’s commitment to the region and its residents. A sustainability pledge and focus on “leave no trace” makes clear that the Chamber is devoted to maintaining the region’s character and natural resources. A new “Locals” section features prominent citizens of the area who have been encouraged to share an itinerary and talk about their favorite non-profit.

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